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RED ROOT - Ceanothus americanus
Traditional use: lymph tonic, blood cleanser, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-arthritis, circulatory tonic

Red Root has a very specific, narrow range of effects, but its usefulness can be applied to a wide group of ailments. It is claimed to act on the blood, the lymph fluids, and the structure of the lymph system, improving the tone and action of all these systems.

When illness or injury occurs, the damaged area becomes flooded with lymph cells, which the body sends to protect damaged tissues. After a certain point, though, the lymph itself becomes a clogging factor, reducing both the flow of healthy blood into and drainage of dead cells out of the area. Red Root is used to strengthen the structure of the lymph system, improve the blood's ability to flow, and generally stimulate the cleansing cycle needed to heal.

This action can be applied to many problems, such as sprains, bruises, or other injuries, infection, and long-term congestive problems such as varicose veins, some arthritis, and some allergies. Red Root can even be helpful in cases of indigestion or food-related headaches, when the clogging factor is food (especially fatty foods), instead of lymph.

Red Root has no specific action on the immune system, but it will dramatically improve the action of herbs which do. A course of therapy using Echinacea, Osha, or any other antibiotic is nearly always improved by using Red Root to remove the dead infecting cells that the antibiotics have killed.

Also available as a Spagyric Spiritualized Essence for Energetic Balance, useful for chronic or long-term conditions like those above, and for emotional or mental structure and control.

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