Bee Balm Spiritualized Essence

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BEE BALM - Monarda fistulosa
Traditional use: anti-infective, clears heat and stagnation, releases grief and anger, balances spiritual growth

This native North American mint relative is aromatic and a little spicy, speaking of the anti-microbial properties of oregano and thyme, but in a more gentle manifestation. It works to drive out heat and stagnation, whether from infection or injury, or on the higher levels of being in the form of anger, grief, or emotional distress.

Medicinally, Monardas target the respiratory system and the gut, and it is also these areas that suffer when we go through a great loss. Tightness in the chest, heart-chakra pain and heaviness, and that feeling of a “gut punch” can all be dispelled with Bee Balm, which will physically heal the damage that stress does to those systems, while calming the nerves and helping emotions be processed in constructive ways.

It has an airy, clearing quality, while at the same time being protective to positivity. As an essential oil, it is said to regulate the flow of spiritual information and change so that growth can flow without being overwhelming, and this Spagyric of it carries that balanced “gatekeeper” energy, as well.

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