Red Clover Essence

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RED CLOVER - Trifolium pratense
Traditional use: nutritive tonic, high mineral content, detoxification, anti-cancer, galactagogue, anti-arthritic

When growing, Red Clover, like other members of the pea family, pulls nitrogen out of the air and water and fixes it in the soil. In the body, Red Clover is used to pull out and eliminate nitrogen-based toxins. Both effects are related to its containing small amounts of Molybdenum. Molybdenum may also aid the body to produce hemoglobin more rapidly out of any iron ingested, and Molybdenum and iron can form specific antibodies to venomous bites.

The other main area of use is in cancer patients, both internally and externally, and it has had particular success with prostate and breast cancer. It has also been long used to promote milk production in nursing mothers. Red Clover is an excellent overall nutritive and supportive tonic, promoting health through gentle actions of cleansing and nourishing.

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