Acai Spiritualized Essence

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ACAI BERRY - Euterpe oleracea
Traditional use: general, nutritional & energy tonic, high in minerals, antioxidant

This well-known and beloved superfood fruit comes from a very common palm tree native to the floodplains and swamps of Central and South America. The delicious fruits are loved by people and animals alike, and are important food sources wherever they grow.

Açaí berries are one of nature’s most powerful sources of antioxidants, especially anthocyanins, the chemical that gives other purple fruits such as blackberries and grapes their colour. Antioxidants are important building block chemicals that the body can use to “defuse” the potentially damaging chemicals that life fills us with, whether from pollution, imperfect diet, aging, or stress.

Açaí berries are also high in potassium, copper, and manganese, minerals important to a range of physical functions, along with healthy fatty acids which help keep cell membranes flexible and able to resist inflammation. Our Açaí Spiritualized Essence is a deep energy tonic, giving non-stimulating support which seems subtle at first, but really builds as you use it. We have also found this Spagyric to be a strong but gentle detoxifier, pushing toxins out of the skin and sweat glands, but not disrupting the digestive system. Plus, it’s one of the most delicious Spagyrics we’ve ever made, with a rich taste like a combination of berries and chocolate.

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