Oil of Amber - Baltic

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In Chinese medicine, Amber is considered a Shen tonic, protective to the spirit of peace and calm strength that resides in the heart. Our Oil of Amber carries this quality, and forms a protective cocoon around the inner energetic core, bringing a feeling of peace and safety. It is not protective on the outside or Wei Qi level, so it will not wall you off from connecting with others, just keep your inner strength and peacefulness intact no matter what other energies come your way.

Because of its protective qualities, our Oil of Amber has always been popular with healers and other practitioners who need to work with the sometimes difficult energies of others, while remaining protected and centered in their own energy. Oil of Amber helps with this work, allowing empathy and connection, but keeping you from “taking home” everything you worked on each day.

Sold in 1 dram bottle with dropper top.

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