Saffron Alchymical Initiatic

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SAFFRON - Crocus sativus
Initiatic use: spiritual & energetic purification, clears & moves subtle energy, raises vibration

The costliest spice in the world, made from the pollen-bearing stamens of a rare crocus. This Vedic herb is considered a purifier of the Nadis, or subtle energy channels. Imbued with the pure, highest energy of Sattva, Saffron connects all the Chakras and pulls their energy upwards, opening the crown to connection with the divine.

In our work with this herb, it gives a feeing of the crown Chakra opening like a thousand-petaled flower, a lovely sensation which is even stronger if Saffron is used with Calamus. From this high energetic center, the spiritual traveler is freed to easily project consciousness outside of the self, while still maintaining coherence as all energy centers move as one.

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