Syrian Rue Alchymical Initiatic

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SYRIAN RUE - Peganum harmala
Initiatic use: strongly facilitates astral travel, skrying, connecting with higher wisdom

This plant has been used in healing and ritual since ancient Egypt. Long used in the Middle East as an incense to ward off the Evil Eye, it is considered to defeat anyone who would do harm to the user, and was used at times of transition such as marriage or birth.

Modern psychonauts report experiences involving synesthesia, or the mixing of sensory input, and flight to other planes, where teacher-beings are encountered and interacted with. Syrian Rue is also said to expand consciousness in time. Personally, we find Syrian Rue to be one of the more efficient herbs for astral travel, in a way that is even abrupt, but for someone who has difficulty letting go and journeying, it is often the jolt needed to be successful.

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot ship Syrian Rue to the US state of Louisiana, or to the countries of Australia, Canada, or France.

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