Blue Waterlily Alchymical Initiatic

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BLUE WATERLILY (also called Blue Lotus) - Nymphaea caerulea
Initiatic use: dreamwork, deep trance, visionary insight, Shen tonic, connect energy circuits

It is thought by scholars that the sacred ritual entheogen of the ancient Egyptian religion was a combination of Blue Lily and Sacred Lotus. Like the Soma of India, this plant preparation was used to induce ecstatic trance, deep wisdom and insight, and bring one to a state of blissful immortality. Blue Lily grows in lakes and ponds, where it closes at night, to open again in the morning. This, and the flower?s luminous appearance like the brilliant sun in the middle of a cloudless sky, made it the symbol of rebirth to the Egyptians. The Book of the Dead contains a spell to achieve immortality by transformation into this incomparable flower. Ancient Mayan use of its New World relative, Nymphaea ampla, are strikingly similar.

Blue Lily gives a dreamlike quality to waking life, and a lucidity of awareness to the dream state. This connection between dreaming and waking makes it a useful tool for dreamwork which needs to be integrated into daily life, for problem solving, psychological growth, or spiritual development. It also commonly gives insight into the energy of reality through waking visions, and the ability to clearly see its patterns as what is truly real.

It is a tonic to the peaceful, calm strength called Shen in Oriental medicine, and is also a Yin/feminine tonic. It opens the Jade Pillow energy center at the base of the skull, and helps the connection between the tongue and palate for energy circulation through the Microcosmic Orbit.

Note that, although this plant is increasingly referred to as Blue Lotus, it is botanically a Waterlily, not a Lotus, and there actually is no "Blue Lotus".

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