Gynostemma Spiritualized Essence

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GYNOSTEMMA - Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Traditional use: general vitality & energy tonic, digestive stimulant, longevity, adaptogen

Its common name in its native China translates as "Magical Grass", and it is highly revered as a tonic to all systems and bodily functions. It has a unique position as both a tonic and specific cure, and so is helpful in a wide variety of complaints. It has a strong Yang/masculine energy, increasing Qi and helping the body function well when fatigued.

Its broad usefulness comes from its excellent adaptogenic properties, through which it helps the body to respond to many stresses and adverse conditions. It has been used to combat fatigue and low energy, increase oxygen efficiency and metabolism, improve digestion and appetite, and balance nervous system function. Its effects on the nervous system are especially interesting, as it can be calming or stimulating as needed. It can also work in both directions regarding weight, increasing or decreasing according to the direction of imbalance.

The list of conditions it has been used to treat also includes sexual dysfunction, immune disorders, emotional imbalances, inflammations, cancer, blood sugar imbalances, and much more, and its very bitter taste suggests liver tonic properties as well.

Also available as a Spagyric Essence for Physical Support, less stimulating and more tonic to digestion and metabolism.

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