Fo-Ti Spiritualized Essence

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FO-TI or HO SHOU WU - Polygonum multiflorum
Traditional use: strengthens back, sinews & knees, increases flexibility, general tonic

The name Ho Shou Wu refers to its use by an ancient Chinese king, named Ho, whose head of hair ( shou ) turned black ( wu ) again after using this herb.

Fo-Ti, as it is also known, is used as a regenerative and restorative of both youthful appearance and vitality, and the efficient organ function that is often lost with age. It is rich in flavonoids and is included in all Chinese formulas for longevity. It brings Yang, or masculine, energy to the deep central channel of the subtle body.

Fo-Ti is considered especially tonic to fertility in both men and women, as well as building to the bone marrow, thus rejuvenating the body from the deepest levels. Modern research has shown Fo-Ti to be beneficial to the endocrine glands and to the cardiovascular system. For the best results, water intake should be increased while taking Fo-Ti, which brings out its kidney tonic properties.

Also available as a Spagyric Essence for Physical Support.

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