Calif. Spikenard Root Spiritualized Essence

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CALIFORNIA SPIKENARD (root) - Aralia californica
Traditional use: stimulating tonic, increases stamina, adaptogen, blood mover

A Northwestern Ginseng relative, California Spikenard is more allied to the Panax (Chinese) Ginseng group. It is a much larger plant than Ginseng, up to 8 feet tall or more, but it shares with its Oriental relatives a sweet, balsamic smell and thick, twisted roots with deep step-like scars from each year's growth. Different parts of California Spikenard are subtly different medicinally, and we have created separate Spiritualized Essences from the root and berries.

Overall, we have found the root to be more stimulating than Devil's Club, and more of an energy and stamina tonic as well. Traditionally, the roots were used in this way- as a tonic when hunting in the cold or during famine, and by the Eclectics in cases of overall debility or anemia.

The Eclectics also valued its tonic properties to the female reproductive system, applying it in cases of uterine prolapse and related disorders, and it is also an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic lung tonic, useful in dry, unproductive, spasmodic coughs.

Also available as a Spagyric Spiritualized Essence of just the berries, with more lung tonic properties & less Ginseng-like energy.

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