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GOTU KOLA - Centella asiatica
Traditional use: brain, nerve & memory tonic, mentally centering and quieting, skin tonic

Gotu Kola is known as "Brahmi" in India, because of its popularity with Brahmans, or Hindu holy men. It is an excellent rejuvenative tonic and longevity herb, with an affinity for the nerves and brain, and is used to restore the nervous system after mental illness or physical disease. Like Ginkgo, it has been said to increase mental capacity, recall, and brain activity, but at the same time act as a sedative. This combination of qualities make it popular for meditation.

Gotu Kola is used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve circulation to the skin, helping the skin to throw off dead or damaged layers, restoring its ability to breathe. This is applied to eczema, psoriasis, and even leprosy. Large doses or prolonged use can cause headaches or dizziness. Gotu Kola, despite the sound of its name, is not related to Cola nuts, and does not contain caffeine.

Also available as a Spagyric Spiritualized Essence for Energetic balance, clarifying to the thought and mental state, and as a Spagyric Magistery for Soul Level balance of the Mercury archetype.

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