Japanese Knotweed Spiritualized Essence

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JAPANESE KNOTWEED - Polygonum cuspidatum
Traditional use: tonic against Lyme disease, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, nerve & brain tonic

This plant acts as both symptom relief and healing treatment, in numerous ways and in all the body's systems affected by the Spirochetes that are the cause of the disease complex.

Japanese knotweed both enhances and balances the immune function, as well as acting against many of the secondary bacterial attacks that go along with Lyme infection. Knotweed is also anti-inflammatory, decreasing arthritic damage and pain, as well as reducing inflammatory over-response throughout the body. It is also a very strong anti-toxin herb, protecting the body against the direct toxins of the infection as well as the toxins released when treatment begins to kill the invaders.

In addition to protecting the often Lyme-attacked joints, Knotweed works to protect the brain and nerve tissue from inflammation and damage, and protects the skin and heart from Lyme-related degeneration, as well. Basically, all of the ways that Lyme and the resulting cascade of reactions attack the body are dealt with by Japanese Knotweed.

Reductionist herbalists have attributed these effects to Knotweed's high concentrations of Resveratrol, a compound best known as the explanation for the "French Paradox" effect of red wine. But, as usual, that one chemical alone does not account for all of Knotweed's effects, and from alchemy, we know that it is the living intelligence of the whole plant which brings the healing synergy, and no part of that intelligence acts in isolation. So, given the synergy that occurs in this complex plant, acting against this complex illness, we are excited to offer a Spagyric of Knotweed, since we know that all of its healing energies, physical and energetic, will be best expressed this way.

This Spiritualized Essence of Japanese Knotweed is useful for more long-term tonic and recovery therapy, and offers smaller dosing than the Spagyric Essence, as well as effects targeted to the energy body and vitality.

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