Shankhpushpi Alchymical Initiatic

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SHANKHPUSHPI - Evolvulus alsinoides
Initiatic use: calming to the nerves and mind, but boosts intelligence and focus, rejuvenative to the brain, mind, and emotions

This beautiful morning glory relative is considered an adaptogen to the mind and emotions, bringing balance to their functions regardless of the direction of imbalance.

This means that in anxiety, Shankhpushpi brings calm, but in depression, it uplifts. It helps to quiet the thoughts of a racing or worrying mind, but it also sharpens thought and enhances memory.

The chakras of the head, where it has its healing effects, are also where its spiritual affinity lies. It is very intelligent in its action here, too, bringing the brain and thoughts to a quiet state, but energizing and sharpening the mind for insights and contemplation beyond thought.

We have also found that Shankhsushpi eases the flow of subtle energy through the body, and especially to the higher centers, and all of its qualities combine to support personal union with sacred energies.

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