Chacruna Alchymical Initiatic

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CHACRUNA - Psychotria viridis
Initiatic use: divination, astral travel, spiritual journey, insight & clarity

One of the two main herbs in the famous Amazon shamanic brew Ayahuasca (the other being Banisteriopsis). Chacruna is the leaf, considered the Queen, the Light of the experience (Banisteriopsis, the vine, is the King and the Force). Chacruna is the primary herb used in Brazilian Ayahuasca, whereas the Juremas and Yage Oco are used in other regions of the Amazon.

Chacruna?s effects are traditionally described as being the clarity and vision of the Ayahuasca journey, bringing insight into the energy patterns of creation, communion with ancestors and wise spirits, and soul flight for divination. Modern users report a renewed sense of understanding of the universe and their place in it, a vision of each of us as a dewy jewel on the web of creation.

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