Burdock Essence

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BURDOCK - Arctium lappa
Traditional use: blood cleanser, digestive tonic, detoxification, liver tonic, skin imbalances

Burdock root has long been a popular vegetable in Japan, where it is used as a nutritive tonic, blood builder, and general tonic which is cleansing to the entire system. It has been especially helpful in chronic conditions where toxicity or infection are present, such as arthritis, gout, recurring infection, skin diseases, and acne.

Burdock is tonic to the digestion and to the actions of the liver, lymph glands, kidneys, and waste removal, and is often beneficial for sluggish conditions of these areas. For this reason, it is also highly valued as a spring cleansing tonic. While it does act to efficiently move out toxins and obstructions, it is also soothing and moisturizing to the digestive tract, as well as to the lungs.

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