Mantis Nectar of Love

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Traditional use: female aphrodisiac & tonic, increases skin & auric sensitivity

This extract is made from the woolly cocoon shed by praying Mantises as they hatch from their egg stage (no Mantises were harmed for the making of this Spagyric). It has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine to build kidney Yang and conserve essence, increasing desire and libido in women without depleting the core energy.

Mantis is also said to bring more energy to the skin, to create the pearly glow that Oriental women are known for and which is prized in Taoist energy practice. To tonify the physical skin tissue, use Mantis in conjunction with Snow Lotus and Pearl.

In our experience, Mantis also has very powerful effects on the subtle aura that surrounds the skin. The Southwestern herb, Damiana, greatly increases the skin's sensitivity to touch; Mantis takes that sensitivity and pushes it outwards, even to six inches away from the physical skin. This makes it a very interesting sensual Spagyric.

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