Kava Kava Nectar of Love

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KAVA KAVA - Piper methysticum
Traditional use: promotes relaxation, sensuality & open connection, increases sociability

Traditionally used in Polynesia as a narcotic and euphoric, as well as a social sacrament for promoting friendly interpersonal interactions. Indeed, any important community function within the native groups of the area is marked by the ceremonial drinking of Kava preparations, especially in meetings where there is potential for negativity, such as treaties or reconciliation between enemy groups.

Modern usage has shown Kava to be an effective antispasmodic, painkiller, and sedative, and it has also been found to be an excellent remedy for migraine headaches. It is also used for nervousness and insomnia, and for nerve, muscle, and skin problems where pain is involved.

Historically, groups consuming Kava on a regular basis have few troubles with diseases of the sexual organs, and they claim that any outbreaks of sexual diseases are halted by the Kava before they damage the body.

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