Oil of Amber - Chiapas Green

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This Oil is made from a rare variety of green Amber from Chiapas, Mexico, where history of its use dates back to the Maya. In both raw form and in our Spagyric, this Amber fluoresces green under black light, and carries a powerful electrical protective energy.

The original source of the resin that became this Amber was a tree related to Jatoba, the Brazilian energy and sexual tonic. This Oil of Amber has a very vitalizing and tonic effect, and activates the movement of Kundalini and electrical flow throughout the body.

Like other Ambers, the Chiapas Green protects Shen, or peacefulness, and we feel this Oil of Amber is the best choice for acupuncture use in opening the meridians so that the energy of the needle treatment will flow more easily and be more effective.

Sold in 1 dram bottle with dropper top.

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