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OATSTRAW - Avena sativa
Traditional use: calmative, anti-anxiety, brain & nerve tonic, nourishing to digestion, quitting smoking

Used extensively as a gentle sedative and nervine, to act on the brain, nerve tissue, and stomach. Oat Straw is also often used as a nutritive tonic, to rebuild digestion and the digestive organs, especially when they have been afflicted by painful or spasmodic ailments, such as colitis or ulcers.

Oat Straw contains alkaloids which may help rebuild the myelin sheath, the protective wrapper around nerves, and so is often useful for long term nerve problems such as chronic pain from injury or illness. It also has an affinity for the tissues of the uterus and ovaries, whether the problems are short or long-term.

Many of our customers report using Oat Straw with great success to quit smoking. It is mildly calming, but not as strongly sedating as the more-commonly anti-smoking herb, Lobelia.

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