Motherwort Essence

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MOTHERWORT - Leonuris cardiaca
Traditional use: female & birthing tonic, anti-spasmodic, calming, cardiovascular health, women's hormone balancer

A traditional remedy for mothers-to-be, used in the last few weeks of pregnancy to prepare for a smooth and easy labour. It was also historically used throughout pregnancy to soothe pains and tensions common at this time, although it is now regarded with more caution as a pregnancy herb. Motherwort has a combination of effects which could make it very helpful around pregnancy and childbirth, but it should only be used under qualified guidance at this time, as it can stimulate menstruation.

Motherwort is more widely used for suppressed, crampy, or difficult menstruation, and often brings quick relief. It is also calming and tonic to the nerves, heart, and circulation, and so helps with the tension many women experience with PMS, as well as being helpful to both sexes for all types of tension, nervousness, insomnia, and over-stimulated heart conditions. As a cardiac tonic, Motherwort combines especially well with Hawthorne to strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure.

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