Shepherd's Purse Essence

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SHEPHERD'S PURSE - Capsella bursa-pastoris
Traditional use: astringent, tissue tonic, post-partum uterine tonic

Shepherd's Purse is a very strong astringent herb, used for all types of excessive or unwanted fluid discharge, such as bleeding, internal or external, excessive menstruation, diarrhea, bedwetting, or hemorrhoids.

It is also highly valued for cases of post-birth hemorrhage, as it seems to create an "hourglass effect" in the female organs, closing off any blood flow at the base of the uterus. It can be overly astringent, so use with care, perhaps in conjunction with soothing demulcent herbs. It can so overly astringe as to leave the patient unable to urinate, so watch for that symptom and reduce the dosage as needed.

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