Dandelion Essence

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DANDELION - Taraxicum officinalis
Traditional use: nutritive, liver cleanser & tonic, detoxification, high electrolyte content, diuretic

The Latin name means "the official remedy for disorders", and shows how honoured Dandelion has been for many different ailments. It is high in potassium and vitamin A, as well as the various salts which, in the body, are manufactured and used to purify the blood in the liver. Dandelion's main use is for the liver, to protect and strengthen it, and Dandelion has even been known to reverse the early stages of cirrhosis. Many herbalists consistently add Dandelion to therapies for jaundice, hepatitis, and other liver disorders.

Its high potassium level means that it acts as a balanced diuretic, not causing potassium depletion like many chemical treatments. Dandelion may also increases the removal of uric acid, a factor in some arthritis, and has shown activity against some tumors and cancers, especially of the breast.

Dandelion is very supportive and nutritious, and its content of sugars an starches are easily assimilated, even by those who normally have absorption difficulties, such as the elderly, diabetics, and people recovering from long illness.

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