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PAU D'ARCO - Tabebuia heptaphylla
Traditional use: antibiotic, anti-viral, general anti-infective, immune stimulant, liver tonic, anti-cancer, balance blood sugar

Pau D'Arco grows in South America, where it is used for many toxic-blood related conditions, such as acne, hepatitis, environmentally produced allergies and asthma, and poisons attacking the liver. It is considered a strong enough immune stimulant that it is used as a primary treatment for viruses, such as flu, herpes or hepatitis.

It is also used as a systemic anti-fungal, potentially useful against Candida- type problems, as it is thought to stimulate the body's own Candida scavengers. To use Pau D'Arco for systemic yeast and Candida, it is best to start at small doses and then increase gradually. Killing too much yeast too quickly releases the dead yeast into circulation in the body, which can cause a histamine response by the immune system, and a worsening of symptoms. As the course of therapy continues, be careful to increase dosage enough to continue improvement without an increase of side effect symptoms.

In recent studies, Pau D'Arco also has shown an ability to inhibit secondary cancers, especially of the blood or skin. In these studies, when Pau D'Arco was given to animals with tumors, the original tumors were not affected, but there was a significant decrease in the spread of the cancer and the formation of new tumors. This could be useful for patients whose initial tumors have been removed.

It is also used to help balance blood sugar levels, and may reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetics. Pau D'Arco contains significant amounts of iron and can be used to rebuild the blood in cases of anemia.

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