Lemon Balm Essence

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LEMON BALM - Melissa officinalis
Traditional use: calming & uplifting, anti-viral, indigestion, tension, anti-spasmodic

Considered by Paracelsus to be a cure-all, and was the herb he revered most. It is often useful for tension problems, whether manifesting as headaches, stomach aches, or general tension and irritability. It is also considered particularly good for children, especially in the cranky, feverish, hyperactive-but-exhausted onset of illness stage, and particularly in cases of ear infection.

Melissa appears to work as a sedative in tension cases, but at the same time as a mood elevator and antidepressant, and so can be useful for relieving tension in people who might have overly depressive reactions to heavier, downer-type sedatives. It is also used as an anti-spasmodic, especially for menstrual cramps. Melissa is not potent, but reliable and predictable with no known side effects.

Also available as a Spagyric Magistery for Soul Level Balance, with very elevating and cheering properties.

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