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REISHI MUSHROOM - Ganoderma lucidum
Traditional use: superior general tonic, longevity tonic, adaptogen, detoxification, immune tonic, Shen tonic

Reishi mushroom is so honoured in Chinese medicine and culture that in nearly all ancient paintings and woodcuts any person considered wise, healthy, or long-lived is shown holding a Reishi. It as an amazingly diverse spectrum of healing and tonic effects, and is considered one of the premier tonic herbs.

Like Ginseng, Reishi is considered an adaptogen, that is, an herb which balances and modulates the body's actions and responses in whatever direction is needed. Some of the systems and functions to which this normalizing effect is applied are blood pressure and circulation, the immune system, blood sugar levels, heart function, the nervous system, allergic response, digestion, and all major internal organs.

It is a powerful cleansing tonic, anti-oxidant, and immune stimulant, and has been used with great success in cases of cancer, AIDS, and other degenerative diseases, to both stimulate the expulsion of the disease-causing agents and to help the body fight off their return. Its cleansing action is also used in cases of poisoning, from chemicals, food, metals, and poisonous plants.

Also available as a Spagyric Spiritualized Essence for Energetic Balance, for long-term tonic support and emotional balance.

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