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Voacanga Alchymical Initiatic

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VOACANGA - Voacanga africana
Initiatic use: insight into life patterns, communication with ancestors, deep insights, work outside linear time

In Africa, initiates of the Bwiti sect use Voacanga to communicate with the Ancestors- not as spirits, but to travel to the time when the Ancestors lived and to speak to them in living conversation. Voacanga can also take you back through your own time, and the ?life review? phenomena is common with this Initiatic, in which you are shown all the choices that led to your place now, and how some of those turns may have led you away from your best path.

In being shown the strength of patterns of Karma, you may also see how to get back on track. This is what we experienced with Voacanga, as well as being made unequivocally aware of the thought-emotion-physical being loop that we all become stuck in, which is self-reinforcing and is how our reality is made. We were shown how thoughts become the self, for good or bad, and that even though we are often mired in the bad aspects of the self-creation of reality, we can choose another way and create ever better spirals of reality around and within us.

This is an extremely powerful Initiatic, with much to teach, but with a sometimes stern style. It can manifest a strong Crone energy which can quickly drift into sheer crankiness if left unchecked. This is probably the very essence of the Saturn energy.

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