Madhu-Mehda Somalixir

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Rulership: Jupiter
Main Ingredients: Spagyrics of Gurmar, Turmeric and Goat's Rue

With a name that means "Sweet Wisdom", this formula is designed to support metabolic and blood sugar balance, as well as tonify the entire system and protect against the common damaging side effects of diabetes.

Gurmar and Goat's Rue have been found to lower blood sugar through several pathways, as well as helping the pancreas function more efficiently. Turmeric helps the liver perform its function well, taking strain off the pancreas' efforts to keep blood sugar in balance, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory, protecting the pancreatic cells from further damage.

As with any other serious chronic illness, diabetics should be very careful adjusting medicines or trying new treatments, and should work with a physician for the transition period, as too-low blood sugar can occur with some herbs, and this can be life-threatening.

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