Waterlilies Somalixir

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Rulership: Moon

For this formula, we combined all of the Waterlilies that we currently work with- the Blue Nymphaea caerulea of Egypt, Mayan Nymphaea ampla, and the newest, Europe?s Nymphaea alba. As we expected, this formula is dreamy and lunar in quality, peaceful like the surface of a still pond. We didn?t expect this Somalixir to have such strong effects on the flow of Qi in the body, but it certainly does. Waterlilies activates the third eye and Jade Pillow at the base of the skull, and connects the energy current called the Microcosmic Orbit in Taoist practice. It does not increase or stimulate the Qi, but makes its flow more prominent, noticeable, and smoother, like the strong current of a deep river.

One aspect of Waterlilies that we like is its accessibility. The change in energy flow that it creates is easy to feel and work with, and a big effort is not required to notice or direct the effect, even for someone with little experience in meditation or energy circulation. If you practice Qi Gong or other practices of moving energy, this would be a good addition to your work, and if you work with the Chakra energies, using Waterlilies with the Magistery for the Chakra you are working with will direct and increase the flow of awareness and energy to that Chakra.

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