Sacred Journey Somalixir

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Rulership: Moon
Main Ingredients: Spagyrics of Salvia divinorum, Syrian Rue & Rhodiola

Promotes Astral travel, Shamanic trance work, healing journeys & scrying. Keeps your Astral body collected, energized & able to act independently for the classic under-, upper-, or other-world visit.

Please note: due to the ongoing War on {Some} Drugs, we cannot ship this or any other Salvia divinorum-containing Spagyrics to Australia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, or Italy, or to the US States of Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. Other countries and states may follow. Does that just infuriate you? Us too. Consider helping the cause for spiritual freedom by contacting your elected officials, educating everyone around you about the gifts this plant offers if used respectfully, and by supporting groups like the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 February, 2006.
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