Red Ginseng Nectar of Love

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Traditional use: superior male tonic & aphrodisiac, general tonic to endurance, drive & performance

Ginseng has been revered for centuries in the Orient, and has achieved a near-mythic status as an herb which can cure nearly all ailments and greatly increase well-being at all levels. Western research has examined only a fraction of the uses and cures claimed by Eastern medicine, but all of the Western research has tended very strongly to support what has been known to Oriental medicine for ages.

As an adaptogen, Ginseng helps to regulate all systems of the body, regardless of the direction of action needed, and helps the body respond efficiently and protectively to all types of stresses- environmental, emotional, illness, nutritional, etc, and to re-establish health by bringing the body back to homeostasis.

There are thousands of years of clinical wisdom behind Ginseng's aphrodisiac reputation, but surprisingly little modern corroborative research. What is known is that Ginseng does improve general health and stamina, which translates into sexual function. Ginseng has also been shown to promote testosterone production, thereby increasing drive, and that Ginseng increases size, firmness, and duration of erections.

Ginseng does have remarkable effects on the hormonal system, and it seems reasonable that those balancing properties would lead to a more rewarding sex life. For whatever use, Ginseng?s effects are cumulative, and it has greatest effect if taken daily for years. Since so many of the body's systems are tonified and can attain more balanced functioning from the use of Ginseng, it is a sexual tonic worth trying.

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