Mayan Lovers Somalixir

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Rulership: Venus
Ingredients: Spagyrics of Cacao & Vanilla

This elegant combination was inspired by an ancient Mayan story, which tells of a pair of ill-fated lovers and their transformative fate.

A young girl was consecrated to the temple, to remain a virgin in service to the Gods for her whole life. But she was beautiful, and a young boy fell in love with her. He convinced her to run away with him, and they eloped through the jungle.

Soon, however, the priests caught up with them, and as punishment, tore out both their hearts, casting them on the ground. From the boy's heart grew a Cacao tree, and around it, a Vanilla orchid twined up from the heart of the girl. Since that moment, these two plants are found together in nature, and their flavours and effects are each balancing to the other.

Cacao contains the chemical phenylethylamine, something our own brains release when we are in the heady rush of new love. It is stimulating and addictive, much like a new relationship.

Vanilla, by contrast, has chemicals more similar to the bonding hormones given off by nursing mothers. Vanilla's energy is calmer, more feminine, and more strengthening to deeper aspects of love.

Our Mayan Lovers Somalixir has the balanced flavour that these two amazing plants create when they come together, as well as being a wonderful boost to the myriad manifestations of love's energy.

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