Sugandi Alchymical Initiatic

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SUGANDI - Hemidismus indica
Initiatic use: emotional balance, clears mind, focuses mental state, deep dream or visionary work, also nerve tonic & anti-inflammatory

This herb’s name means “fragrant”, and it is very sweet and aromatic smelling. Used in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine as a tonic for the mind and nervous system, Sugandi promotes mental equilibrium, bringing angry or agitated states back to a place of balance and evenness. We have found its effects to be much like those of Celastrus- clearing to the “cobwebs” of muddled thought and anxiety, creating a calm state of focus and clarity.

Sugandi is also used ritually to promote dreams, visions, and deep visionary meditation. For this purpose, it is often combined with Lotus, Saffron, or Tulsi.

Sugandi has also shown a purifying benefit in skin disorders that are hot and inflammatory, and with some STDs, for which its nervine properties might also be helpful. It is sometimes called “Indian Sarsaparilla”, and although not related to Smilax, much of what it does is similar in treating autoimmune conditions of the skin and joints, and may help with fibromyalgia.

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