Agarwood Laos Alchymical Initiatic

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AGARWOOD (OUD) - Aquilaria sp.
Initiatic use: vary calming, stills mind, eases deep meditation

Our Agarwood Spagyrics are created from one of the most rare substances on earth, a resin produced by a tree in response to fungal attack. This resin can take decades to fully form, and is revered as the ultimate beautiful and sacred scent throughout Asia and Arabia.

Laotian Agarwood is sweeter than the others, and barely tastes bitter at all. It is beautifully aromatic on the tongue, tasting of woods and resin, and carrying the same deeply sacred quality all Agarwoods have.

Energetically, the Laotian is calming, even a little sedative, quieting to the mind and easing the flow into very profound meditation like a plunge into deep, still waters. If we had to give it a connection to a specific practice, we would say it is the most “Zen” of the Agarwoods, it’s that emptying to the mind.

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