Astrale Alchymical Initiatic

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ASTRALE - Cecropia obtusifolia
Initiatic use: astral projection, Ayahuasca additive

This fast-growing tree of Central and South America is also known as Guarumo, and is used medicinally for a variety of illnesses, including inflammation, spasms and pain, and to strengthen the heart and lower blood pressure. Perhaps this explains the nature of sloths, who live in the trees of this family and dine on their leaves!

But it is Astrale's spiritual uses, implied in the name we prefer to use, that were of most interest to us when we first discovered it. Astrale is used, alone or in conjunction with Banisteriopsis, to facilitate astral travel for shamanic or divinatory work. In our experience, it works very well to release the subtle body from the physical, but in a much less disorienting way than some other shamanic herbs. We think this one will be useful for those who have difficulty journeying, but don't want a heavier plant like Syrian Rue.

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