Mercury Magistery - Calamus

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Herb: Calamus- Acorus calamus
Vintage: 2015
Ruler: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Chakra: Throat
Archetype: flexibility, quickness, communication, cleverness & dynamic balance

Very quickening to energy and inner movement, yet also clarifying and even emptying to the mind. It takes all the mental chatter and sweeps it aside, leaving the pure exchange of energy that is the true essence of communication. It makes focus on words or specific thoughts difficult, but it brings an unfiltered and honest connection at a higher level with anything the attention is turned to.

Some people find this Magistery stimulates movement as a form of meditation; while others prefer to remain physically still while the inner energies move in flow. Either way, the signature of our Magistery of Calamus is fluid movement and a clarity of perspective that could be very supportive to all kinds of practice.

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