Mercury Magistery - Sandalwood

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Herb: Sandalwood- Santalum album
Vintage: 2009
Ruler: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Chakra: Throat
Archetype: flexibility, quickness, communication, cleverness & dynamic balance

Brings serenity and a clear mind, but not as emptying to the thoughts as the Spiritualized Essence, showing more of Mercury's effects on quickness of thought, clarity of mind, and the connections that happen between ideas.

So, while the Sandalwood Magistery does clear the mind of chattering and distracting thought, it also clarifies and focuses intentional thought, so that the mind is sharp and clear, rather than dulled by stillness.

This can have a wonderful integrating effect, easing reflection on whatever the meditation is focused on and allowing a synergistic connection between ideas, energies, or the facets of a situation.

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