Venus Magistery - Rose

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Herb: Rose - Rosa sp.
Vintage: 2006
Ruler: Venus
Day: Friday
Chakra: Heart
Archetype: beauty, elegance, femininity & highest love

The Queen of Flowers, who we have been blessed to able to work with this year after finally finding a good source of organic roses. This Magistery is just exquisite, luscious and beautiful, with a gorgeous full flavour of heady rose oil and a wonderful Venus energy. It brings a gentle yet powerful current of love to the heart Chakra, opening it and changing the very aura around you to one of soft grace and sweetness. It is especially nice for couples, to bring their energies into synch at that most important level of true heart-centered love, facilitating connection and understanding.

Like love itself, Rose is deceptively sweet and gentle, mild enough to be a children?s herb, but containing powerful medicine used with success against even serious illnesses such as the plague. In herbalism, aromatherapy, and subtle energy, Rose is pure and elevated, with a clearing and forgiving quality. Bringing compassion, forgiveness, and upliftment from sorrow, Rose heals the heart on all levels.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 13 April, 2006.
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