Blueberry Pollen Spiritualized Essence

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Traditional use: general, nutritional & energy tonic, antioxidant

Bee pollen has been regarded as an excellent tonic medicine for millennia, and is high in protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, enzymes, minerals, and micronutrients from the flower sources it was collected from.

This Spagyric was created from a special collection of bee pollen from an organic Blueberry farm, and so is a single-plant pollen made magickal by the work of the bees.

The original pollen we used came in remarkable shades of blue, and tasted strongly of blueberries. That fruity and anti-oxidant rich flavour is in the Spagyric, as well, along with a deeply nutritive and tonic quality. It boosts energy and vitality, clarifies thought, and brings a warm feeling of well-being which does not leave you feeling depleted or tired.

Like all bee products, pollen should not be given to children less than a year old, or to those with allergies to bee venom.

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