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KUTKI - Picrorhiza kurroa
Traditional use: bitter liver & digestive tonic, regenerative tonic

Although well-loved in Ayurvedic medicine, this tonic herb is rather obscure in the West. But, familiar or not, its first taste impression tells all about its uses- it is bitter! In herbal energetics the world over, bitter means liver and digestive healing properties, and this is what Kutki excels at.

Like other herbal bitters, Kutki immediately stimulates digestion, starting in the mouth and then activating the digestive system from the stomach on down. This stimulating action is useful for all kinds of imbalances, from simple upset stomachs to infections and sluggish metabolism, but especially issues of the liver.

Kutki has a direct reparative effect on the liver tissues, and so has been used with success for any liver disorder involving damage, such as toxic exposure, hepatitis, cancer, and cirrhosis.

And, since the liver is involved in mediating and regulating so many other body systems and processes, Kutkiís healing effect there can also lead to better overall immunity, reduced allergic and inflammatory response, and a healthier circulatory system.

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