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CHAGA MUSHROOM - Inonotus obliquus
Traditional use: excellent tonic, immune support, liver tonic, strengthens vitality

Also called “tinder fungus” for its use in starting fires, Chaga was found in the kit of the “ice man”, the stone age frozen man found in the Alps. Use of Chaga certainly goes back millennia, and it has a long record of healing use from all over the Northern regions in which it grows.

A parasite on Birch trees, Chaga forms a black crust-like growth which eventually kills its host tree. In many studies, Chaga has been shown to be one of the strongest anti-cancer herbs known, and areas of Siberia where Chaga is consumed regularly as a tea have much lower cancer rates than other comparable groups.

In Chinese medicine, Chaga is considered a top-level medicine, of a class of the most nourishing herbs to life and longevity. Chaga has also been shown to be anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and a strong tonic to the liver and immune system.

Our Chaga Spiritualized Essence gives a great, balanced lift to the energy and spirits, along with a clarifying effect to the mind. It is another antioxidant that works though the skin, and also seems to activate and work in conjunction with other Spagyrics when used together.

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