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GOAT'S RUE - Galega officinalis
Traditional use: increase breast milk and health, lower blood sugar

Long ago, cows grazing on this herb were observed to produce as much as 50% more milk, and Goat's Rue helps human mothers better nourish their babies, as well. Like many nursing tonic herbs, it is also beneficial to breast health generally.

The other traditional use of Goat's Rue, supported by modern research, is in the treatment of diabetes by helping lower blood sugar through several mechanisms of action. In some trials, Galega worked to help the muscles more efficiently utilize glucose as an energy source, so that less of it was free in the bloodstream to cause damage. Additionally, it was found to act in the digestive system and liver to keep excess glucose out of the blood stream to begin with.

As with any other serious chronic illness, diabetics should be very careful adjusting medicines or trying new treatments, and should work with a physician for the transition period, as too-low blood sugar can occur with Goat’s Rue, and this can be life-threatening.

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