Autumn Ginkgo Spiritualized Essence

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AUTUMN GINKGO - Ginkgo biloba
Traditional use: grounding brain & nerve tonic, antioxidant, protect memory & brain tissue, blood thinner

Compared to the more commonly-used green leaves, yellow autumn Ginkgo leaves are lower in stimulating terpenoids, but higher in flavonoids, which are strong anti-oxidant chemicals. Flavonoids play a role in many plants’ defenses, and are part of the healthy properties of berries, chocolate, and red wine.

In many studies, yellow Ginkgo has been shown to have much higher antioxidant and protective effects on the body, particularly in the brain and nerve tissue with which it has such a well-known affinity.

In our experience, the yellow Ginkgo is much less stimulating to the mind than the green, instead working slowly as a tonic support to better mental function and balanced energy. It feels more grounding and clarifying, and we find it a good alternative to green Ginkgo, which we both find a little “edgy” in energy.

Ginkgo should not be used by anyone using other blood-thinning agents.

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