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TULSI or HOLY BASIL - Ocimum sanctum
Traditional use: superior overall tonic, protects mind & nervous system, respiratory tonic, antioxidant, high spiritual properties

Known in English as Holy Basil, Tulsi is a beloved plant in gardens in India. It is planted around the entrance to temples and homes and used inside to ward off negativity and clear the air both physically and spiritually. Whenever we feel energetic residue of negativity or murky energy, a little of this delicious Spagyric cleans out all levels of being and makes us feel fresh and clear again.

All basils are very active medicinally, and Tulsi is no exception. Along with others of its family, Tulsi is a strong anti-infective, antibacterial, and antiseptic, used for colds, lung and sinus infections, stomach and intestinal imbalances, and more. Its purifying influence helps the body remove wastes and excess phlegm, and it is considered spiritually purifying as well, giving the highest spiritual energy of Sattva and devotion.

Tulsi is also considered strengthening to the nervous system, and alchemically, it is not surprising that it contains natural Mercury.

Also available as a very Sattvic Spagyric Magistery for Soul Level Support of the Mercury archetype.

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