What Are Spagyrics?

What are Spagyrics?

Spagyric processing was created by the great 16th century healer Paracelsus. He coined the word Spagyric from two Greek words, meaning "separate" and "recombine". Spagyric processing is a method of creating medicines in which herbs or minerals are separated, purified, and then recombined.

Nature has created every natural thing with three essential aspects or levels of being. At best, other types of extraction result in only one or two parts of this whole. Spagyric processing results in medicines with are both natural and pure, with a full spectrum of healing qualities on all levels of being.

Only Spagyric processing can create medicines with all three. This well-rounded approach makes Spagyrics the true Holistic medicines. Additionally, conventional herbal preparation methods can not extract the minerals of a plant, and are missing many of the alkaloids as well, and so are lacking much of what makes a plant medicinal.

Spagyric processing opens the plant or mineral, making it totally accessible for healing and creating a completely purified medicine. None of the body's vital energies are wasted by having to break down an impure extract, absorb what is needed, and clean out the unnecessary constituents.

Our proprietary processing was developed through study of Paracelsus' philosophy and work. He understood that people, too, have three levels of being, and each must be healed for overall wellness to exist. Paracelsus stressed the importance of treating at the level of cause, not just symptom, and we have made this possible by creating three levels of Spagyric.

We believe that true Spagyric processing incorporates an understanding of Nature's laws, but goes beyond mundane science and pharmacy by also understanding Nature's influences. These subtle influences are the true source of the healing vital forces of plants and minerals. Just as Spagyrics from Al-Kemi do not waste the energy of the patient using them, so the vital force of the raw materials is conserved. To us, the work to protect and magnify the vital forces of the plants and minerals we use is as important as the physical processing.

By protecting all aspects of a plant or mineral's being, its true healing intelligence is taken to its highest potential. When used, our Spagyrics imbue the patient with physically healing constituents, vitality and life force, and support the body's balance of adaptation instead of just reaction. Our processing gives us pure essential oils, etheric alcohol extracts, and crystalline plant salts with important minerals, alkaloids, and Oligo constituents in easily assimilated form. Because it is easier and cheaper to make, unpurified ash is the "Salt" level in mass-market "Spagyrics". Ash is impure for two reasons- it contains harmful carcinogenic chemicals, and does not contain the healing constituents in a form accessible to the body. Paracelsus always purified the body level to the degree that we do, never adding the impure ash to an extract. This is the true Salt level, and without it, an extract is not Spagyric.

Al-Kemi Spagyrics are sold exactly as they were created, in their pure, concentrated form to work efficiently and effectively at the low doses impossible with diluted extracts.

True Spagyrics follow the methods outlined in Paracelsus' writings, two hundred years before Hahnemann created Homeopathy. Companies which create Spagyrics and then make them homeopathic or combine them with homeopathics are combining two unrelated systems of medicine. The results are homeopathics, not Spagyrics.

Physical differences, while important, are not the only way in which Spagyrics from Al-Kemi excel. Important energetic and subtle considerations are found throughout Paracelsus' work, which we follow as closely as his physical techniques.

We believe that the processes of our Spagyric laboratory are a continuation of the growth cycle of the plant as it began in Nature, and will continue after processing, and all of our work is guided by this principle.

We start with the highest quality herbs, grown and harvested ecologically and respectfully. We understand that high-quality healing plants and minerals are the result of a great deal of work, and are increasingly rare as natural health care becomes more popular.

All of our processing takes place on specific days and times according to the planetary rulership of the plant, as seen in its pattern of healing qualities and effects. Not only is this Paracelsus' method of working, it is a way of creating a harmony between the outer world of Nature and the laboratory and the inner subtle qualities of the plant or mineral.

By carefully selecting the best raw materials possible, and then processing them in the best way possible, we both honour the energy already gone into these materials, and make the most of these limited resources.

We can consistently offer the highest-quality true Spagyrics because it is what we do, and it is all that we do, since Al-Kemi began in 1991. The integration of physical and subtle, material and energetic, that our work offers makes Spagyrics from Al-Kemi the perfect complement to any discipline or system of healing, and we offer further reading, tapes and seminars to assist anyone wishing to integrate our work into any healing practice.

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