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The two of us met and started our alchemical studies in 1991, seeking to research and put into modern practice the ancient healing work of the alchemists. Soon after, we founded Al-Kemi as a natural outgrowth of our personal spiritual paths, our work together in the lab, and our own alchemical union as a couple. Our goal was and remains to provide discriminating clients with a complete Alchemical and Spagyric apothecary, including not only products, but a practical system for their use.

Our system, based on our research into alchemical texts from many centuries, has led us to a truly holistic understanding of health and wellness, an understanding which we have applied to create a line of products to promote health and longevity at all levels of being.

In ancient times, alchemists were often called Philosophers of Nature because their method of work consisted of observing natures operations and then applying them in the laboratory. This crucial link, between the rhythms and processes of nature and the healing work of mankind, has been largely forgotten by most of todays physicians.

To us, Alchemy is a lens for understanding Nature, a tool for drawing out Nature's hidden but powerful intelligence, and communing with that intelligence for healing, personal growth, and spiritual fulfillment. To these ends, we offer four different product lines, each focused on a different aspect of the self or life. The Spagyrics from each of these product lines are all available in the web store you are at right now, and each also has its own informational website with our research, experiences, philosophy, and educational materials relating to each focus.

With over 175 Spagyrics representing physical and subtle effects for each of the three levels of being, our Al-Qemi line offers the healing and tonic balance of many commonly-used herbs, as well as lesser-known herbs from healing systems around the world.

Veriditas Alchymical Initiatics bring forth the Greening of the Mind through Nature's intelligence as expressed through Her plant beings. Certain plants, revered by Shamans and spiritual seekers, are the clearest and strongest carriers of Nature's message. Wise use of these plants fills our being with this shimmering energy, healing our bodies, elevating our spirits and enlightening our souls.

The ancient texts of India refer to Soma, the drink of the Gods that makes them immortal and all-powerful. Somalixir is our line of Spagyric formulas, created from complementary groups of herbs brought together through the Spagyric Art. Like an orchestra with one harmonious sound created through many individual instruments, our Somalixir formulas bring together diverse specific actions into one coherent whole.

In the Tantric writings, the gift of Soma is not just in the plants used or its preparation, but in the ceremony as the microcosmic manifestation of the great union of the cosmic Lovers. Only when it is shared is the Soma created. Whether your sexuality is as free and elevating as the ancient Tantric masters, or is on the road to becoming more rewarding, herbs can play a role in this joyous path. May our eroSoma Spagyrics unite you with your beloved!

You may also be interested in visiting our scholarly site on alchemy, which has in-depth discussions of the Art in all its manifestations, from ancient times to modern practitioners.

Thank you for your support of our Work!

Strength & Wisdom,
Paul & Micah

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