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Store Organization: Like a brick-and-mortar store, our store is divided into departments with aisles and shelves, so that you can shop in the area with products of interest to you. Our store is organized by level of Spagyric extract, then by planetary archetype, and this organizational system is the core of the holistic healing philosophy we work with.

Searching for Something: Of course, if you just wish to quickly find something, that is possible too, using our search function on the right. You can search by an herb's common name, its Latin or Botanical name, or even for imbalances that plant is used for or physical or subtle effects it creates in the body, spirit, mind, or soul. So, for example, searching for "Turmeric", "Curcuma longa", "digestive tonic", "arthritis", or even "Yoga" will bring up the listing for Turmeric (along with a few others).

Search Tips: Since our Spagyrics are subtle, energetic medicines as well as physical ones, we've done our best to include more etheric effects in the descriptions as well, so don't be afraid to try search terms like "shamanic flight" or "Shen tonic". We have also included cultural information, legends, and stories about the plants, so if you talked to us about something whose name you forgot but you remember part of its story, try keywords from that.

Browse & Learn: If you want to browse and explore the complex but effective organizational system that Alchemy uses, think of the Spagyric type and level (Essences, Spiritualized Essences, Magisteries, etc.) as the departments of the store, which you go to according to what level of being needs support. If you click on any of the Spagyric type names on the left, you will be taken to a page that describes the qualities of that level of being and how that Spagyric preparation relates to it.
The Planetary archetypes are like aisles within the Spagyric level departments. They keep things of like influence together, so you can expect a general sedative quality from all Moon herbs, for example. Hovering your mouse cursor over the Spagyric level will bring up a popout menu with planetary names. Clicking on the planetary name will bring you to a page describing the general properties of the planet at that level, along with an alphabetical list of Spagyrics ruled by that planet.

Sizes & Pricing: Our Spagyrics are each available in several sizes. For most of them, the basic, smallest size is 6-8 weeks' worth, if taken daily at the recommended dosage. The price of the basic size is listed as the item's price; larger sizes are listed in the drop-down list, along with the extra charge each larger size adds to the basic size. For example, if an item is $18 in one ounce, and the 50 ml. size in the drop-down list says "+$12.00", that would make the 50 ml. $30 ($18 + $12). We don't discount for larger sizes, the prices are just multiples of the basic size, but you do save money on shipping, and you won't run out as often. Our Spagyrics have a near-infinite shelf life if stored with the cap on tightly, away from heat and strong scents.

Your Shopping Cart: Once you find items you need, just add them to your cart. Most items come in different sizes, so be sure to note the drop-down list and select the size you need. After you add items, you can keep shopping, or check out. If you have trouble with items not showing up in your cart, your browser's security settings may be too high. Try lowering them a bit to accept more cookies (see our Privacy page for information about our use of cookies).

Your Account: If you set up an account with us, you can view past orders, keep an address book, and create a wish list you can share with others, as well as sign up for our Newsletter, which will keep you informed about specials, new products, and events we will be part of. When you check out, you will need to create an account to place your order, but you will not be subscribed to the newsletter unless you ask to.

Other Issues: If you have other problems or concerns not covered here, or you need further help with our shop, please visit the Contact Us page to reach us and we will be glad to help.

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