Spagyric Essences & Ens Formulas

Spagyric Essences and Spagyric Ens Formulas are created to balance the Salt, or physical level of being. In people, this level reflects in a more material way the etheric aspects of our selves; it is the vessel that receives, shapes, and contains the subtle energies of our higher being so that we can exist and interact on the physical plane.

In plants, the Salt level corresponds to the physical characteristics of the plant, carried in its minerals, alkaloids, and structural tissues. In creating our Essence-level Spagyrics, we refine and purify the plant constituents in a process lasting about one month. The resulting Spagyric, in 80% grain alcohol, is used at a dosage of 5-10 drops, twice daily. The basic one ounce size lasts approximately two months.

Spagyric Essences are useful for simple everyday physical issues, organ support and balance, and we create them from many of the most widely-used herbs of healing.

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