eroSoma Nectars of Love

To lose oneself in the bliss of union with another is to know the divine, if only for a moment. To understand, control, and expand that moment into every moment is the goal of the path known in the East as Tantra.

Many cultures understand our personal sexuality to be the microcosmic manifestation of the great union of the cosmic Lovers. Whether your sexuality is as free and elevating as the ancient Tantric masters, or is on the road to becoming more rewarding, herbs can play a role in this joyous path.

Alchemically, the source of plants' power to heal and enlighten us is their Mercury, or Spirit level. Our eroSoma Nectars of Love are prepared at this level, refined and purified in a six to nine month process. The resulting Spagyric, in 95% alchohol from Biodynamic Grape Wine, is used at a dosage of 2-3 drops, twice daily. The basic 5 ml. size lasts approximately six weeks.

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