Veriditas Alchymical Initiatics

All of Nature calls to us, each being with its own lessons, but since ancient times, certain plants' voices have been more clearly heard. These plants, revered by Shamans and spiritual seekers, are the clearest and strongest carriers of Nature's message. Used intelligently, as mediators between our world and the subtle realms, these plants open new ways of being and relating to ourselves, others, and the universe.

Unlike many popular approaches to using these plants, initiatic work is about connecting one's subtle self with the subtle self of the plant, using the plant as a tool along with your own Will and spiritual work. These initiatory plants can open doors, but each of us must still maintain clarity and coherence of awareness to walk through these doors. Initiatics are tools, but also should be met halfway with one's own work to open and connect with the paths the plants lead us to, and it is up to each of us to make that path fulfilling, useful, and relevant to our daily life.

This work is a controlled process of refining the self, and is accomplished with small doses of 1-3 drops, in a meditative or spiritual context and with full conscious awareness. This is not an approach of intoxication or losing the self in an overwhelming psychedelic experience.

Navigation tip: click on the name of a planetary ruler below for a description of that planet's initiatic qualities and a list of Alchymical Initiatics ruled by that planet, or use the easy search function on the right to quickly find what you need.

Monthly Specials For September

Hibiscus Alchymical Initiatic
Hibiscus Alchymical Initiatic
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